May 9, 2017

New Teachers coming to Oak Hill Christian School

After 13 years at Oak Hill, Mrs. Heidi Wethered, our current first grade instructor, will be changing her schedule some to spend more time with her grandchildren.  

Sarah Fluegge has been chosen as our new First Grade Teacher.  Working at Oak Hill since 2007, Miss Fluegge brings enthusiasm and energy and a big smile to her work.  Her classes have always performed at a very high level in reading, math and other subjects.  
Raised in upstate Michigan, Miss Fluegge has traveled the world exploring the Dominican Republic, Russia, Austria, England and Ecuador.  

Andrew Isker is coming on board as a history and Bible teacher in junior high and high school and as school Chaplain. 

Mr. Isker taught junior high at the well known Logos School in Moscow, Idaho.  He is a graduate of Greyfriars Hall, a ministerial training program, and has passed his ordination exams in the Communion of Reformed Evangelical Churches.

He earned a B.S. in history at Minnesota State University, Mankato.

Described as happy, magnanimous and quick to laugh, Mr. Isker believes in the classical model of Christian education and likes to keep students engaged by stopping and asking “why”-type questions.  A hard worker, he has read over 30 books during the past year. 

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